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"I could write a novel on all the wonderful things about The Wise Forest school. My son started there when he turned 2.5 and was at ease right away. The teachers are all so warm, caring and sweet with the children. The kids spend the morning climbing trees, reading books and hiking through the forest learning about nature. There's plenty of time for him to be in a classroom when he's older. And I'm so glad he gets to spend his mornings outside for the time being. He often tells me new things he has learned, like facts about animals or plants that I learn for the first time. My kiddo wakes up almost every day asking if it's a school day. He just loves it so much. Highly recommended!

-Mom of three

"Wise Forest (a.k.a. "the mud school' as per my daughter :) ) has been an amazing experience for our entire family!  Watching our little girl discover the world together with her forest friends and their talented teachers has been incredible.
Mara has created a great, flexible program that allows every child and family to be inserted as slowly as needed and yet she creates a great sense of "group" in the children. Spending 3 hours in the forest really fosters little children's imagination and teaches them to appreciate nature under all circumstances - rain or shine.
The daily photo journal is an amazing gift for all parents and it allowed us all to be part of the daily adventures!  I will miss seeing my little girl run toward me at the end of class covered in mud from head to toes :)! 

-Mom of two

We are beyond thrilled with Wise Forest Preschool.  When our two boys started attending, we almost immediately noticed an increase in curiosity and imagination.  Immersion in scenic Golden Gate Park, imaginative play, and wonderful teachers make for a truly positive environment for development and learning. Mara brings exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm and creates an experience that harmoniously blends the natural world and child development. We highly recommend Wise Forest Preschool for your children.          

- Parents of two

"We love Wise Forest Preschool! Being outdoors and in nature was an enriching experience for our child. The community was so welcoming, and the teachers were wonderful. I'd highly recommend this school to any families that are considering an outdoor preschool. Thank you Teacher Faye and Wise Forest Preschool for many fun times!"

-Parents of one

"We had the most amazing experience at Wise Forest. My children attended this school starting at age 2.5 and were excited to go to school every day! They loved the magical, whimsical vibe at Wise Forest. The teachers were so warm and welcoming and always encouraged my kids to use their imaginations to create the ultimate classroom. I can’t recommend it enough!"

-Parents of three

"When I told my daughter she'd be trying a 'Nature Class,' she responded: 'Mom, I don't like nature.'  So, of course, then I knew she'd have to try it.  When I picked her up after the first day, she had a huge smile on her face and whispered in my ear, 'Mom, when can I come back again?  I loved it.'  And, she has loved it--every time.  I am thankful for Mara's kindness and patience with the children and that my daughter is outside having true adventures every week."  

-Mom of four

"My two year old daughter is thoroughly loving her time at Wise Forest Preschool!  I am actually jealous that she gets to attend this phenomenal program.  She loves all of it: exploring the natural world, reading books, creating art and snacking.  Mara's enthusiasm for nature and the children is evident, particularly in the thoughtful photo journal she emails each day detailing the group's adventures.  My daughter asks to see these photos everyday.  Our entire family enjoys re-living her experiences at 'Nature School'."

-Mom of one

"We are so thrilled we found Mara and Wise Forest Preschool!  It has been the perfect fit for our daughter.  Mara has a gentle and kind approach to teaching and made our daughter feel comfortable instantly.  Our daughter loves to come home and tell us about her adventures.  It is incredibly important to us that our daughter spend as much time as possible in nature.  Mara makes that happen in a fun and educational way.  Our daughter can identify many animals and plants she couldn't before.  She also has the opportunity to participate in imagination play, arts and crafts, story time and so much more.  We love hearing our daughter sing songs she's learned at school.  One of the things that attracted us to Wise Forest is the low student/teacher ratio.  Our daughter gets to feel like her voice is important and feels connected to both her teacher and the small group of children she shares her time with.  And, Mara does a great job communicating with parents as well.  She responds to emails quickly and checks up on our child when she feels the need.  We couldn't be happier with the experience she's getting at Wise Forest.  And, the whole family loves to go through the photo journal Mara sends out each day!"

-Mom of one

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