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How do I apply or sign-up?

It's free to apply and takes about 3 minutes.  

What are your ratios?

Classes have either 9 students and 2 teachers, or 13 students and 3 teachers. 

How do you communicate with parents?

After each class, one of the teachers emails the parents a detailed Photo Journal with photos and topics of interest from class that day.  Parents and children enjoy looking at the photo journal together and having a conversation about the day's adventures.  This practice is a wonderful way to solidify learning.  Parents also enjoy forwarding the photo journal to grandparents.

Where is drop-off and pick-up?​

Our location shows up on Google maps when you search for Wise Forest Preschool.  The meeting place is in Golden Gate Park near Chain of Lakes Drive East and Fulton Street. 


Do you offer make-up classes when my child misses class because he/she is sick or when we will be away on a trip?

We don't offer any make-ups when students miss class.  Because our classes are typically full, we're just not able to schedule them.  


What is the cost of each class?

Classes are $70 per 3 hour class.  Monthly payment plans are available.

What is your immunization policy?

We require that all students have the following standard recommended immunizations upon entrance to the program: 3 each of Polio and DTaP, 2 Hep B, 1 MMR or MMRV, and 1 Hib.  The health and safety of our students and their families is our top priority.  


What should my child wear?

Rugged play clothes, warm layers, a waterproof jacket, and lightweight sturdy shoes or boots work best in the forest.  If the ground is damp or if it is raining, rain pants and waterproof shoes are required. Children love to sit on the ground when playing outside.  Rain pants enable them to be comfortable and engaged for the entire class.  


What should my child bring?

A backpack with a water bottle and a substantial healthy snack.  No toys or candy please.  Please drop him/her off with a full stomach and having recently visited the bathroom.


What do you do when it rains?

Children dressed in warm, waterproof boots, hooded waterproof jackets, and rain pants have a great time puddle jumping, fort building, and making mud pies.  We have a shelter for snack time.  We believe nature has a lot to teach us year-round in most weather conditions.   

In exceptionally rare cases of extreme wind, thunderstorms, or absolutely torrential rain, classes are canceled (your account is credited).

What about going to the bathroom?

We teach the children to use "nature's potty."  We have a portable potty in our tool wagon.  


What is your allergen/nut policy?

We are allergy conscious and we don't allow children to share food.  Nuts are allowed.  Our enrollment form has a place to disclose any allergies.


How do you address safety issues?

Each class begins with an inquiry-based safety discussion about how to make safe decisions.   We carefully monitor students and spot them as they climb.  Our goal is to cultivate the development of each child's own risk assessment skills. We have an excellent safety record during our 9+ years of operations.

How does outdoor preschool prepare my child for kindergarten?

Creative outdoor play is a phenomenal way to develop your child’s social skills.  Children given the freedom to explore nature develop the confidence that is helpful in the transition to kindergarten.  For more detailed information about what the scientific research shows please visit our forest school approach page.  Story time and the letter of the week are activities we do that help kids develop their phonemic awareness and begin to learn literacy skills.  Many of our students go directly from attending only our program to kindergarten and have an easy transition. 


Where do you hike with the children during class?

​​We stay within a short hike of our meeting place.  There are many different engaging play locations within easy walking distance.   We have lots of names for different places within this area.   It's a relatively small area walking at an adult pace, but the different places we visit have different natural features and lots of possibilities for exploration.


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