End Summer Mini-Semester   

We are closed until August 3rd due to Covid-19.   Health and safety are always our #1 priority.  


Open August 3rd - thru September 4th before Fall Semester starts. 

In light of the pandemic, we are changing our enrollment so that we have more consistency of the students in our classes.  The new options for enrollment are below.  We're looking forward to having more consistent students so that our classes can bring an even greater sense of community for our students and their families.  


Step 1:  Decide which schedule works for you.  Our 3 hour classes are $65 each.

Option #1

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 9am to 12pm Class 

    5 weeks, August 3rd - September 4th - 15 classes total  $975

   Teachers Faye, Jaymee, and Tina and 12 students

Option #2

Tuesday & Thursday 9am to 12pm Class 

    5 weeks, August 4th - September 3rd - 10 classes total  $650

    Teachers Faye, Amy, and Jaymee and 12 students

Option #3

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:30am to 12:30pm Class

     5 weeks, August 4th - September 3rd - 15 classes total $975

     Teachers Tina and Isobel and 8 students 

Step 2:  Apply and then email to confirm enrollment or to schedule a meet and greet on Zoom prior to our August 3rd opening.  Registration is now open!

Step 3:  Mara will send you an invoice that you can pay online.  You're all set!

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